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In Home Support - Staff provide personal care and homemaker duties as established in each client's individual service plan.

Staff will strive to build a healthy relationship with clients through compassion, encouragement, trust, and respect.

Advocacy - Staff work with community partners in a team approach to ensure that the client's needs are met.

Community Support - Clients will be encouraged to participate as a responsible citizen in their community.

Staff will assist clients on outings and community events as requested.

Safety - Staff will ensure the safety of the client in their home and community.

All staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and in many health and age-related issues that a client may experience.

Observation - Staff will observe and document day to day health issues, challenges and other changes in the client in order to ensure quality care.

Finances - Staff are trained to assist clients with routine budgeting and banking.

Personal Funds Management is also available as requested by the client and/or family.

Resources - Staff can provide assistance with Social Security, Food Stamps and other community and government programs that may best suit the client's needs.

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